• Ryan Breuer

Color Keys = Light Studies Now!

After having a discussion with the group and our professors Howard Cook and Paul Conner about what is required of us at the end of the semester, we decided to change our color key studies into lighting studies. Basically, I'm doing the same thing, but going to also try and focus on the lighting of the images. Also, instead of doing 8, we are going to only focus on 2 of them, one for human clean and one for monster clean. The two Eric sketched that I already worked on are the two I am now going to focus on.

After showing the initial results to our classmates, Eric wanted to give me constructive critiques and help me figure out the best ways to create color keys to help me create a better image. We spent about an hour going over brushes in Procreate on our iPads, looking up Pixar color keys for reference, and then looking up a few artists on instagram that emulated the kind of look we decided I should try and aim for. We also experimented with different ways I could use shading with the limited layers system on Procreate. It was incredibly helpful, and I learned a lot about 2d art in general from him this week. We also discussed removing his outlines for the end product, and just using them as guidelines, as he pointed out most color keys don't really have that kind of design. The initial results of the illustrations are going to be very blocky and ugly, and that's what I went for this week. This allowed me to start focusing more on the colors first before I move on to the lighting.

Below are the results of what I did after taking in Eric's feedback. At this point, I have mostly finished the blockout of the monster clean illustration, but haven't quite finished the human clean. I will show more progress when I get that done. I think for now I'm going to try and focus on monster clean, first!

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