• Ryan Breuer

Couch Concept and Story Stuff!

For this week, I was tasked with beginning to do a bit of R&D into texturing the gross couch that the zombie would sit on. I modeled very basic couch cushions and used those to begin tests. I probably spent just a couple hours reacquainting myself with Substance Painter and testing out some ideas for what the couch could look like. I looked up reference photos on Pinterest and Google, and found the idea of greasy stains looked the best. I did not focus on the material for the couch, but rather on what the kind of stains could look like on this couch. I did also do some simple research into adding "balls" of couch fluff to create a better texture on the couch material..which actually took longer than I thought it would. It was very hard to show on the renders I ended up doing, but you can kind of see them inside the shiny grease stains on the seat cushions. Below are the three renders I showed to my group. They told me to work on the specularity and just add on to the ideas a bit more for next week.

We also had a very long discussion today about story. We got into a rut when continuing to develop the story and concepts for the characters, so we decided as a story team that it would be best to create a script first. While I didn't write any of the scripts myself, three members wrote versions of the script for our opening shots, and I did some research into the horror genre. Our first shots are going to be deeply rooted in horror tropes before our main character opens the windows to reveal our monsters. We spent about 5 hours talking about what we wanted for the story previously, and about another 3 hours this week going over the scripts and discussing what we liked in each of them before moving on. The horror research was good to help us get ideas for shots and cinematography of what we were going for. These story will now include a bathroom for the opening technically we have one more environment to create. We have already discussed it with the environments team, so they have started developing and modeling a few assets already, including the bathtub and sink.

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