• Ryan Breuer

Environment/Light Studies Finished (For now!)

This is when all of our stuff is supposed to be turned in to present for our final project. We are putting everything together, practicing our presentation, and assessing what we have so far before we show it all off on Monday. While I wish I could have done more on the human clean concept, I'm pretty proud of myself since I've never done anything like this before. It had the general look I wanted to achieve. I think I could have gone more with the HDR look than I had, but I think I still got the general idea across enough to understand. I think the hardest parts was shading the couch, and determining the kinds of materials everything was, and how to use specular highlights, lighting and shading to emulate those materials. I think I got the look well enough with shinier objects like the lamps and the bar chairs, but the zombie and plants were pretty challenging for me to figure out. I think the zombie shows off the specular highlight the best, as he kind of has a rim light, and the hallway in the back show the deep shadow look we want to go for.

I also added some finishing touches to my monster clean drawing. I brightened up the highlights quite significantly, and pushed the shadows back a little bit so you could see more. I think this helped significantly convey our look on the computer screen a lot better..even though it looks pretty bright on my iPad. I also did some last minute shading with the bear rug and the leaves to give them both a little more depth.

I think for most people, these kinds of drawings would have taken a lot shorter of time, but I learned A LOT making these. I learned how color palettes change and vary after lighting as scene. I learned how ever evolving and changing lighting and color keys can be. I learned methods of shading and lighting in a digital and 2D medium. I learned to be patient with myself and accept constructive criticism from my teammmates. It was honestly a really good practice run for that. I hope looking at the process of how I made these two sketches will help you understand the kind of work that I put into these, and show the kind of ideas and designs we want to achieve with our colors and lighting on our short film when we start next year. I am going to continue to work hard on learning more about color and light over the Summer so that when we begin to start texturing and lighting in 3D, I'll be able to understand what makes it a good image with those elements!

Here are my final 2 concept drawings that we will be showing in our presentation. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!

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