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First Half Check-in: Yay Pre-Production! What I've Been Doing So Far.

In the midst of a pandemic, life must continue. We are currently eight weeks into our pre-production phase of our short film project aptly named "Monster Roommates". We are starting a blog and website to monitor our progress in the short film at an individual level for our pre-production class. In this blog post, I'll briefly explain the major points of contribution I have done to help the project for the first half of the semester.

I have been helping contribute to the story team of the short. Currently, I am researching famous shots from some classic horror movies and tropes. Our title shot and intro will play with the ideas and concepts we find from these movies as a sort of homage. Our whole group has had biweekly meetings to talk and discuss characters and story. Our three monster characters are currently undergoing both second and third passes for concept art. Later on in the process, I will be helping to create part of the script for the montage and ending shots of the film.

My other focus for pre-production has been research into mood boards, color swatches, color grading, and color scripts for the film. Attached will be the early concepts for the mood board, color swatches, and later I will have color scripts to complement the story board and animatic that is still in development. I also researched the program Davinci Resolve. I was tasked to see how it could potentially benefit our post-production process with color grading. It was a lot of fun to work with, and the group generally decided we would continue to research and expand on how we could use this program.

Finally, a good portion of our group has been practicing good methods for modeling and texturing objects. We have been modeling the same prop, a fan, and getting constructive critiques from a colleague on how we could improve. I have currently finished modeling the prop, and am doing the UV's and texturing it in the next few days.

By next week, I will hopefully begin doing more research into lighting, more research into color grading, and actively participating in helping to write the script for the short.

*First pass for "Human Clean" mood board, the first phase of our environment in our short. Has generally stayed the same through the whole process, but slightly less sterile*

*First pass of mood board for "Monster Clean", the seconf phase of the environment in our short. Later changed to better match mood we were going for*

*More finalized mood board for "Monster Clean".*

*Color Swatches/palettes for "Human Clean". Color palette chosen has been from mixing these swatches together.*

*Color palettes for first pass of "Monster Clean". This was changed dramatically, as shown below, from the final idea for the colors needed.*

*The first pass for our color palette we will be using for "Monster Clean". Grittier, darker purples and browns, with complementary oranges and yellows*

*First pass of our official color palettes for both "Human Clean" and "Monster Clean". Creating from merging the swatches created in the above images*

*Using a rough first pass of one of our storyboard shots, I used our color palettes to demonstrate how we could use these colors in the scene in "Human Clean"*

*Colors palette for "Monster Clean" used to imagine what we could do with colors in the scene. Other colors incorporated into the palette to experiment with colors with other characters in the scene, and how they could potentially stand out or blend in with the scenery. Both myself and Lana contributed to the colors seen here*

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