• Ryan Breuer

I'm Production Manager & Coordinator Now!

* Taught Prism asset creation pipeline to a few people that missed Hogan's talk. We recorded Hogan teaching us.

* Showed off and gave documentation to group on what we taught and had so far

*issues with Shading and Dailies in pipeline due to Prism not being on DAC computers, so we waited to talk about it until another time

* Reevaluate interest in pipeline

* Confusion between story and environment about who makes creative decisions so we talked about it productively

*Migrated Slack/all pre production images, including concepts, drawings, and reference into our new project folder on the X Drive

*Figured out timeline for 3D animatic deadlines

* Established weekly story meetings every Wednesday

* Came up with roles for production manager and art director on second week and gave them to people and stuff

Pictures needed:

*Documentation pics and/or link?

*Pic of migration of project folder stuff?

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