• Ryan Breuer

I'm Starting AAA Lighting Projects & Mid-Week Check Ins!

*Tried out a checkup with everyone at the beginning of the meeting to see how everyone met their goals, but it took a long time and became redundant when we did the same thing with Howard and Brett (teachers). Decided we were going to have mid-week check ins instead between each person and me/Christine.

* Layout planning began with Eric and Hogan. They split up the short down the middle, but on Friday realized we needed blockouts of destruction and "aldo clean" scenes to properly do a 3D animatic for layout.

*Decided to start making sure that everyone that is going to a meeting and the rough agenda is included in each meeting, as it was only half enforced before.

*Christine and I will have a short meeting before and after production class to talk and make sure things are going well on our ends for prod. mgmt.

*Figured out rigging R&D very quickly for documentation, though recording anything about it is put on hold while we prioritize other things like layout and FX

*I will start to practice lighting and hope to get a practice still done with AAA before I start lighting for our short in 2 weeks

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