• Ryan Breuer

Light Studies/Environment Concept Feedback Round 2!

I did some more work on the color key/light study for the monster clean illustration! I presented what I had to Eric, which was essentially what i had before with more shading and some lights. We went through some more revisions, and talked about methods to best render lighting in Procreate. We found out that an opacity mask rather than a multiply mask which I was using would work better. We also found a smarter way to shade in the layers, which was basically the same method we used to light. Originally, I had a separate layer for each object, and then another layer for the mask and shading. With the opacity map, it would take in the color I chose, and shade it a bit darker in that color. So instead of having to find a color that looked like it was "shaded" for every object", I could use one layer and one color to shade the entire picture. It saved a lot of time, energy, and made the picture overall look better. After his critiques and feedback, I adjusted the lighting as well. While the color palette seems to be changing a little, the picture looks a lot better. Looking between the two now, I definitely went into the yellows a little too much for this first attempt at lighting the scene.

The first image below is my product, and the following picture was after feedback with Eric. I think it is much improved! Will show more progress next time.

After looking at these images on our blog, they seem a lot darker than they did on the iPad. I'm not sure if it is just my computer, or if it is what everyone else might see on their screens. That is something I might have to take into consideration in the future. I am also planning on looking into a blend between what I had before and what the image looks like after feedback with Eric. While the colors look nicer and it doesn't seem loud with yellow, I want to work on making the lights from the candles look actually lit a bit more..which I think I was slightly more successful at in the first picture.

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