• Ryan Breuer

Light Studies/Environment Concept Pass 2!

During our weekly meetings on Saturday, I showed off my Monster clean painting for the first time today since my first draft. Everyone seemed to like it, but the biggest critique was how dark it was. It's very frustrating looking at the image and getting the brightness right on my iPad, and having it look different on different screens. I think I'm going to have to start thinking about making it brighter than I actually want so it shows up better. While I want deep shadows, I need to find a balance between the screen display and what I'm imagining.

Since the last time I updated the photo of monster clean concept on the blog, I modified the brightness just a touch and fixed the leaves on the trees. Before it was kind of sparse, and after some feedback from Eric, I spruced them up a bit. I still think it needs a bit more, but it's getting there! I will most likely start working on human clean very soon as I get the finishing touches set up on monster clean.

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