• Ryan Breuer

Short Couch Update!

I did a little bit more development of the couch, though not as much as I would have liked. This week was very stressful for me outside of classes, so I wasn't able to work on as much as I would have liked. But after rendering some of these shots, I noticed some issues with the renders. Weird black shapes were appearing on the seams of the couch, even though there weren't seams there in the UVs. While I wasn't sure what was going on, I troubleshooted with Jasmine for about an hour. We couldn't find anything definitive as to what the problem was, but it was something we could look into later.

After showing the couch to the group, we later decided that we should instead start focusing on story, characters and environment, since we were in kind of a rut with the story. I'm not sure if we will go back to texturing this semester, but if we do I'll be sure to post on the site what I've been working on. We are going to have a talk with Taylor Schulze, my friend and resident employee at Pixar for the character team, later this week so she can give us input on our characters and story so far.

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