• Ryan Breuer

Taylor Schulze Meeting and Story Development

So we had our meeting with Taylor.

It was incredibly insightful, but we had a lot to talk about. After her input, we had a long talk about whether we should cut a character and even significantly modify our story. We debated if we were going to be able to accomplish the amount of characters we had, especially with the amount of animation and development they would need. We were having a lot of trouble developing the design of our bat character for weeks. We had at least 5 different weeks where we talked about him, drew him in different ways, and there wasn't a definitive look we liked. That prompted the conversation if he should be the character we cut, because things weren't working out. After a couple hours, we decided later in the week we would decide if we should cut the character or not, and have a meeting the next Saturday about it while we think it over. She also said she would do a draw over for our shrub character, Aldo, since we had a first sculpt pass on him. After she gives her feedback back to Mason, he will finalize our primary forms of this character.

During that meeting, we eventually decided after more debate that it would be best to keep the character as is, further develop him, and come up with a full story and animatic to see if he could work. At the same time, Sabrina would also sketch a separate storyboard without the bat character and see if it resonated better for us. While we don't have a lot of time left, and we are cutting ourselves thin by doing this, we think this decision was incredibly important, and we really needed to see what kinds of stories we could tell without him. Christine is also sketching out a storyboard with her own vision of major events happening. This will give us a ton of new and fresh ideas for what we could have in our story and might better suit our time. Once these are done in the next week or two, we will come together, decide what aspects of each we like, and merge them to find the right story, as well as officially decide if we want to keep the bat character or not.

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