• Ryan Breuer

Weekly Surveys, Calendar Updates and our first Group Presentation!

* Created weekly survey check-in to start next week and discuss next class!

* Began our dailies with Sync Sketch

* Began focusing heavily on character design again and set up weekly meetings for check-ins on sculpts and concept

* Basic set dress was determined for "human clean" portion of short

*Post-Credits and Credits was discussed with story (thanks Eric!)

*Came up with pipeline in Prism with VFX/CFX with Violet, Jasmine and Mitchell

*Updated the calendar. "All day" events are considered deadlines (they are highlighted in a dark red) while meetings are blue, have specific times and generally have who will show up to the meeting and the rough agenda of the meeting in the notes of the event.

* Used our check-in surveys to see how our goals went for the week

*We decided the sequence we were going to focus on was Aldo adjusting the picture frame before the apartment is destroyed. It forces us to develop Aldo's pipeline early on since his CFX with leaves will be a challenge, as well as his facial expressions!

*Prod. Mgmt and Art Dir. had meeting to decide roles so we were clear who was doing what, and then brought it to group to make sure everyone was cool with it!

*Created the slideshow for the group presentation for class today!

Materials needed:

*Weekly survey

*Sync Sketch thing?

*Presentation slide or something?

*Roles of prod. mgmt.

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