The Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC) is a place where people come to activate meaningful scholarly pursuits, train and develop, realize creative visions, all with the intent of making a positive difference in the world today. I have gained incredible knowledge learning how to work in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment and have been challenged as an artist and designer on a consistent basis. The projects I have worked on through the CMTC have been where I have gained much of my leadership skills, communication techniques, and practice in project management.

Since beginning work at the CMTC in March 2020, I have been a part of many projects in roles such as Principal Investigator, Project Manager, Project Lead, 3D artist, and Designer. Check out below for more information on some highlights of projects I have worked on as well as the CMTC's website for a greater overview of their organization. 


The Five Points to Five Notes project is an interactive experience using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, digital art, and sophisticated mapping to bring the cultural heritage of Denver's Five Points neighborhood to life. As a recently gentrified part of Denver, Five Points is at risk of losing a lot of its history and culture, most of which was a major community for African Americans and Jews. Through this multi-year project, our team plans to honor African American artists and important figures from both the past and present, with a special focus on public art, local businesses, and jazz music history. 

As Project Manager for the Design team, I was responsible for planning schedules, documenting our design thinking processes, developing note-taking management systems, and helping facilitate meetings during design activities. 

Click here to learn more about my role and contributions to the Five Points project as the Team Project Coordinator!


"Investigating Interdisciplinary Communication Strategies Used by Artists and Engineers in the 3D Animation Entertainment Industry"

Through the incredible EUReCA! Program, The Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, at the University of Colorado Denver, I was able to conduct my own research as a principal investigator. This study is using interviews and qualitative analysis methodologies to explore communication practices within multidisciplinary, collaborative projects with artists and engineers in the 3D animation entertainment industries. 

At the end of April 2021, I received 2nd place in the Arts & Media Category at the 24th annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium! 

While my initial presentation and tasks through my EUReCA! Work Study Award has concluded, I am now continuing this study through my current job at the Comcast Media & Technology Center. Further analysis, interviews, and a formal paper are expected to be completed by the end of Summer 2021. 

Office Meeting

The Additive Manufacturing Kiosk project was the first project I was hired for at the CMTC. In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, the goal was to create both a physical and a virtual environment in which users could interactively learn about the wonders of additive manufacturing, how it is changing our lives and the ways Lockheed Martin is using it today to create their technology. 

My roles in the project included designing the website, creating the virtual environment in Maya, rendering, layout, and working with the engineers to accurately model the display pedestals to their correct dimensions for 3D printing.  


The Virtual Tour Project was created in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Design, and Computing to establish innovative ways to tour the campus in a post-pandemic world. My role was project management for the first prototype and design of the site, including planning the tour, locations, scheduling, and budgeting.